You know you’re old when staying up all night makes you feel old

fun at every ageBrilliant all nighter with friends, wine, and laughs. Today I’m bloody knackered. I managed to make it through the radio show, with the added challenge of tackling a new studio system. And now, despite looming deadlines, I feel dead to the world. How did I do this for several consecutive nights in my twenties?! While I rest my haggard old bones and nurse my ego, I remind myself of all the wisdom gained from those years of idiocy and experimentation. Sure, partying two nights in a row is now beyond me, but I know how to party well when I do make it out. 😉


Cry, baby, cry

Crying is a sweet catharsis. I envy people who can blubber at the drop of a hat. I think I’ve gone through so much sh*t that my threshold has become unreasonably high. My tear ducts aren’t seared shut, don’t get me wrong, but stimulus has to be something like my sister saying I’m the reason she’ll kill herself (bonkers story I won’t horrify you with, so take a deep breath and relax!). So when do you enjoy a good cry?

I miss the tearful safety release valve for the more mundane stuff, like a day when all the stupid little things go wrong. One wail fest could trump my urge to drown in chocolate or lock myself in the bedroom for a Game of Thrones marathon.

cryingPeople complain about lack of restraint in children. I know because I’m one of them! But now I suspect their unabashed screaming may be a healthier coping mechanism than the responses many of us have. So the next time your boss is a complete dick, your lover offends you spectacularly, or you’re feeling a bit wound up, just cry, baby, cry! It might not prevent obesity, depression, or point you to the solution, but…

it certainly beats just sitting there like a dry-eyed tool, flooded with unexpressed emotion. Or, come hang out with me on WordPress, and we’ll write the emotions we otherwise struggle to express.

the gift of a migraine

Writing about perspective gymnastics yesterday, I had no idea that a migraine today would help my challenge of the week to focus on what’s going right in my life. Thanks, serendipity! There’s nothing like intense pain to help you appreciate the little things.

sunglassesI now revere the simple act of going about my day without the urge to use a wine opener for self-trephination. And how fabulous am I, writing with sunglasses on? (yes, I know I can dim my computer screen, but I like to make pain more chic). As well as greater light sensitivity, my heightened sense of smell is kind of like a superhero power.

I can smell flowers through the window, and know you only applied one coat of antiperspirant this morning. So instead of whingeing about the explosions inside my skull, I’m appreciating the gift of a migraine.