Faders up

Are your faders all the way up? I’m proud of myself for doing breakfast radio today, despite feeling so ill I would prefer a punch to the throat. And I was rewarded for my steadfast work ethic with a free practice session afterward to amp up my mixing board skills. While I was slapping at faders and dials like a baboon learning to read, I realized that how I program a desk is startlingly similar to how I’ve been living my life:

Graphic of a digital sound on black bottomI’ve been so focused on trying to find ‘the sweet spot’, not too loud, not too quiet, that I’ve missed out on the freedom that comes from jumping to extremes.

Do you grapple with this kind of perfectionism too?

Side view of Sound Mixer SystemSure it’s great when everything’s ticking along nicely, but the terror that comes from anticipating glitches dampens my enjoyment of the great. As soon as I succeed with one project, I’m already predicting possible failures for the next so I can pivot around them. It would be one thing if staying in the middle groove were fun, but it’s exhausting! So f*ck it. Here’s to a newfound bravery to take bigger risks, consequences be damned. Because in those failures will be a sweet release from perfectionism, and an acceptance of myself independent of accomplishments. So let’s see what happens when we jam our faders all the way up! Sometimes it’s good to live loud.