How to be mentally tough








Why I am strong and everything will be OKAY…

  1. I am balancing my emotions with logic
  2. I am focussing on what I can control
  3. I am actively problem solving
  4. I am CHOOSING productive behaviour
  5. I am confident in my ability to ADAPT TO CHANGE
  6. I am facing my fears (and acknowledging them without letting them hold me back)
  7. I am LEARNING from my mistakes
  8. I acknowledge and address my weaknesses rather than masking them
  9. I bounce back from failure as it is a helpful learning process
  10. I see life’s hardships as OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWTH
  12. I am focussing on improving my skills rather than showing them off
  13. I genuinely celebrate other people’s successes
  14. I am living according to MY VALUES
  15. I am living an AUTHENTIC life being honest and true
  16. I accept full RESPONSIBILITY for MY CHOICES (including how I respond to people and circumstances)
  17. My self worth depends on WHO I AM not just what I achieve
  18. I am practicing DELAYED GRATIFICATION for long term benefits
  19. I am constantly learning from everyone and everything around me
  21. I am feeling and expressing GRATITUDE every day

With thanks to Steven Benna for his 21 signs you’re mentally stronger than average article.



This new project is stretching me in ways I’d never imagined. It’s terrifying and wonderful and overwhelming.

change treeI can feel my brain adjusting neural pathways as its pushed to produce strange connections at faster speeds. There’s a soreness in my soul as its pulled in different directions, increasing my flexibility and resilience.

This is what growth feels like.

It’s not the warm and fuzzy expansion that self-help sites praise, as though we’re cocooned in soft silk before metamorphosis and gentle fluttery emergence.

No, this is the systematic breaking down of the very fabric of my being, as life hurriedly reforms me with the finesse of a toddler reshaping a cracking lump of Play-Doh. The older I get, the more cracks accrue and the more pieces fall away, but I’m still changing. And therein lies the beauty of this messy business.

My change is eternal. My atoms will reassemble after death and continue their shapeshifting until the end of time. Perhaps our experience of change is the closest we get to immortality.